More EventLoop features

Last update: 04 Nov 2020 [History] [Edit]

EventLoop is an ASG supported ROOT tool for handling optimized event looping and management. Below are some nice features of using EventLoop in your analysis. One nice feature is the different drivers available to easily switch between running your code locally, on the Grid, using PROOF, or on a batch system.

EventLoop A more complete description of the tool can be found on the dedicated wiki page.

Important Note\ This section on more EventLoop features is not currently up-to-date.

SampleHandler features

This section (will) describe some nice features of using !SampleHandler in your ROOT analysis. It is used to handle the mass amounts of data and MC typically used in your analysis. It can assign ‘metadata’ to the samples (luminosity, color schemes, etc.), that are easily retrieved by simply referring to the sample. A complete description of this tool can be found on the dedicated SampleHandler wiki.

More example code