xAOD samples

Last update: 09 Jul 2020 [History] [Edit]

In this tutorial we are using an example derived xAOD file. For your analysis it is highly recommended (dare I say required) that you use a derived xAOD (due to corrections that take place in going from the primary xAOD to the derived version). Information about what derivations exist can be found here:


To correctly locate the currently recommended tutorial data, define the environment variable $ALRB_TutorialData which will point to the location of the input data used for the tutorial (this depends on which tutorial and where you are running). The current recommendation is to use cern-jan2020.

Tutorial date tutorial version
CERN January 2020 (recommended) cern-jan2020
CERN January 2018 cern-jan2018
CERN September 2017 cern-sept2017
CERN July 2017 cern-july2017

Please define this in your login script (.bashrc or similar) if not already:

export ALRB_TutorialData=/cvmfs/atlas.cern.ch/repo/tutorials/asg/cern-jan2020

If you are participating in the ATLAS software tutorial the ALRB_TutorialData variable may be provided to you by the tutorial organizers. However, if you are working from lxplus or on a tier 3 site, the command above will be enough (depending on which shell you are using).

This will ensure you are able to locate the data files necessary to complete this tutorial.