Welcome to the ATLAS Software Tutorial pages (alpha).

This area is intended to the hold material for the ATLAS software tutorial held multiple times throughout the year.

This tutorial are aimed at (new and old) members of the ATLAS collaboration interested in learning the basics of ATLAS software and the latest physics analysis tools. There are several introductory lectures aimed at introducing the topics.

Upcoming Tutorial
Online ATLAS Induction Day + Software Tutorial - 6th-13th Nov 2020
Previous Tutorials
Online ATLAS Induction Day + Software Tutorial - 10th-17th July 2020
CERN January 2020 - 20th-24th January 2020
CERN October 2019 - 21st-25th October 2019
CERN June 2019 - 3rd-7th June 2019

Tutorial Material

Additional Tutorials and Resources