ATLAS Analysis Tutorial Week

Last update: 14 Nov 2022 [History] [Edit]

Welcome to the ATLAS Analysis Tutorial Week

This is a week-long tutorial series designed to familiarize ATLAS members with the basics of ATLAS analysis software and the latest physics analysis tools.

How to use this tutorial

This page is meant to serve as a roadmap for the tutorial hands-on sessions. The introductory lecture slides are available on the corresponding Indico page. The hands-on exercises are linked for each day.

  • The topics for each day are designed to follow an example ATLAS analysis from start to finish. The tutorial is meant to be followed from beginning to end to ensure a coherent overview of workflows.
  • The exercises are separated so that you should be able to finish each section in a full day in a small group. You are also welcome to work through the exercises on your own.
  • Some of this material will certainly be very new.


This week of tutorials requires that participants be familiar with some computing basics. We will be working in a linux terminal and writing code in C++ and python. It is important that you have some working knowledge of these tools before you attend the software tutorial

The HEP Software Foundation and Software Carpentry have compiled some excellent resources that can help get you up to speed:

  • The Unix Shell
    • Make sure you are very comfortable with lessons 1-3. We recommend going through all the lessons at some point.
  • Basic Modern C++
    • There are some advanced C++ features that are not necessary for this tutorial. For now, please focus on lessons 1-9, 12 and 14.
  • Python tutorial
    • Make sure you’re familiar with the “Learn the Basics” section (you can skip “Classes and Objects” and “Modules and Packages”)
    • As python becomes more popular in data science, you may want to go through the rest of these sections as well, but these sections are not needed for this tutorial.

Do you have some questions or feedback about the tutorial resources? Please send a message to atlas-sw-tutors-organisers AT