Tutorial Requirements

Last update: 19 Feb 2021 [History] [Edit]

The next thing you need to do prior to attending the tutorial is to check that your machine is ATLAS-ready and you are setup properly. Do this on lxplus as well as your Tier3 machine so that you can always fall-back to lxplus in case of an issue.

setMeUp <tutorial version>

where <tutorial version> is given by the organizers and unique for each tutorial (e.g.. triumf-sep2014 for the September 2014 tutorial at TRIUMF).

Tutorial date tutorial version
CERN February 2021 (recommended) cern-feb2021
CERN November 2020 cern-nov2020
CERN January 2020 cern-jan2020
CERN January 2018 cern-jan2018
CERN September 2017 cern-sept2017
CERN July 2017 cern-july2017

For the February 2021 tutorial Please define this in your login script (.bashrc or similar) if not already:

export ALRB_TutorialData=/cvmfs/atlas.cern.ch/repo/tutorials/asg/cern-feb2021

This will ensure you are able to locate the data files necessary to complete this tutorial.

Optional It is recommended that you run the tutorial on lxplus or a CVMFS mounted machine however it is possible to download the tutorial files to your local area (usually on large sites). To do this:

setMeUpData <tutorial version> <local dir location for data files>

and you will then have to define the $ALRB_TutorialData environment variable in your login file as described at the end of the command. You can run setMeUpData as many times as you like - each time it will check and only download updates and fix corrupted files. However this is not recommended, the data should be available on lxplus and Tier3s

What this test does is documented.