VO Membership

Last update: 26 Mar 2024 [History] [Edit]

You will now need to apply for VO membership. Hopefully you have already started this process following instructions from your institute, this can sometimes take time. The tutorial organizers may be able to expedite this for you.

Register for the ATLAS Virtual Organisation (VO)

Joining the ATLAS VO is a multi-step process:

Submit Registration Request

  • Open Firefox
  • Browse to the VOMS registration page: https://lcg-voms2.cern.ch:8443/voms/atlas/user/home.action.
    • You will be prompted to identify yourself with a personal grid certificate in your browser. After successfully logging in, your certificate DN and Certificate Authority will be noted on the registration page. If they are not shown, or if you are denied access to the site, then you will need to install your certificate into your browser (previous section) before proceeding.
  • Complete all text fields; all are required:
    • Given (first) name
    • Family (last) name
    • Institution
    • Phone number (at your institution)
    • Address (at your institution)
    • Email address (this address must match your primary email address as registered with your CERN user account: FirstName.LastName@cern.ch)
  • Read The VO AUP agreement, and click the check box to acknowledge and agree to the policy terms.
  • Click Submit.

Confirm Submission

You will be presented with a “Confirmation Required” page, which refers to an email you will receive, including a link to confirm your registration request (or to cancel your request if it was made in error). This link will remain valid for a one-week activation period. Please use this confirmation link before the expiration date, or your registration application will be discarded automatically.

Finalize Registration

After confirming your registration request, you will receive another email in which your request has been confirmed and you are invited to finalize your registration. The following steps are needed:

tip Some countries do not have a code. If you run into this, it is not a problem. Simply skip joining the /atlas/<your country code> group.

tip If you receive an error message that your email address is not registered at CERN, you may need to wait a day or two after your registration has been confirmed so that your information can be completely processed.