Generator-Level Analysis

Last update: 11 Mar 2024 [History] [Edit]

Introduction to Generator-Level Analysis

Monte Carlo simulation must be corrected using weights to provide predictions that can be compared to data. These corrections include generator-level event weights to account for NLO (and higher) calculations as well as scaling the simulation to the recorded data integrated luminosity.

The Generator-Level Analysis handles these MC event weights as well as handling bookkeeping of event selection cuts for each systematic variation. It can be called using GeneratorLevelAnalysis.

Add Generator-Level Analysis and Cut Bookkeeping to your Job

To set up cut bookkeeping and generator-level analysis in your job, include the following text in your config.yaml file:

# Add the generator-level analysis block here
GeneratorLevelAnalysis: {}

Rerun your code to make sure that everything is working properly. When you are satisfied with the code changes, commit and push them.