Available support resources

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This tutorial provides an introduction to many aspects of an ATLAS analysis. However, it cannot cover all possible scenarios you may encounter in the course of your analysis work. There are numerous resources that you can use to seek help for any computing difficulties you have. This page summarizes the main resources available.

CERN Service Portal

Experts who are able to help with all questions and technical issues related to CERN computing resources. The service desk is the primary point of contact for most issues.

ATLAS Twiki Pages

The majority of ATLAS internal information is documented on twiki pages. Within the twiki pages, you will find details about technical implementations, analysis and combined performance recommendations, and contact information for conveners and other experts. This tutorial makes references and provides links to many twiki pages in relevant sections, but a good place to start is the main ATLAS page:

Some of the main pages that might be useful to you are:

Analysis Model Group

The Analysis Model Group (AMG) is responsible for developing and overseeing analysis frameworks and tools. This tutorial is under the purview of AMG. The main AMG twiki page and two useful mailing lists are:

Physics Modeling Group

The Physics Modeling Group (PMG) is responsible for the development and validation of Monte Carlo (MC) simulation of physics processes. The simulation of physics processes that are specific to an analysis are the responsibility of the analyzers or the physics group, but PMG is responsible for giving the final approval for all production requests. Contact information is available on the PMG twiki for experts in all aspects of MC generation and a central mailing list is available for general questions.


The Statistics Forum is responsible for all recommendations and support related to statistical analysis. They provide support for numerous commonly used statistical tools and are available to help with any analysis-specific questions you may have. Contact information for experts for specific tools are available on the twiki page and there is a central statistics help mailing list for any questions.


The Production and Distributed Analysis (PanDA) system is used to process computing jobs on the grid. It is covered in detail in this tutorial. Central PanDA documentation is available.

CERN Batch Service

CERN provides access to the HTCondor batch system (replacing the previous LXBatch system). The system’s usage will be presented in the tutorial. More details can be found on the following page: