Listing Datasets

Last update: 01 Jun 2023 [History] [Edit]

Now lets try to list some interesting information. Remembering that all datasets (etc.) exist with a scope, we can try to list all the known items within your scope:

rucio list-dids "user.${USER}:*"

(Note, depending on the type of shell you are using the quotes may, or may not be important). If this is the first time you are using the grid, then this may well not show anything.

Let’s now try and find some data. We have taken data in 2022, and the data we were taking is (mostly) at 13.6TeV, then we are interested in the scope data22_13p6TeV.

tip There may not be a direct correspondence between the year and the number following data. This is especially true for MC datasets.

Exercise 1

Try to find the list of all DIDs for the data22_13p6TeV scope.


rucio list-dids "data22_13p6TeV:*"

Exercise 2

Now try to limit the returned set of items to those of type dataset and from run 450445 and of type AOD


Previously you used the wildcard * to search for all names in the scope. You can also search for patterns, e.g., *Main* Additionally, you can supply an extra --filter argument to the command to filter the results.

rucio list-dids "data23_13p6TeV:*450445*" --filter type=dataset,datatype=AOD

There may be a lot more but here is a taste of what you might see…

| SCOPE:NAME                                                                      | [DID TYPE]      |
| data23_13p6TeV:data23_13p6TeV.00450445.physics_Main.merge.AOD.f1342_m2167       | DIDType.DATASET |
| data23_13p6TeV:data23_13p6TeV.00450445.physics_Main.merge.AOD.x731_m2165        | DIDType.DATASET |
| data23_13p6TeV:data23_13p6TeV.00450445.physics_MinBias.merge.AOD.f1342_m2167    | DIDType.DATASET |
| data23_13p6TeV:data23_13p6TeV.00450445.physics_ZeroBias.merge.AOD.f1340_m2165   | DIDType.DATASET |
| data23_13p6TeV:data23_13p6TeV.00450445.physics_CosmicCalo.merge.AOD.f1340_m2165 | DIDType.DATASET |
| data23_13p6TeV:data23_13p6TeV.00450445.express_express.merge.AOD.f1340_m2165    | DIDType.DATASET |
| data23_13p6TeV:data23_13p6TeV.00450445.express_express.merge.AOD.x731_m2165     | DIDType.DATASET |
| data23_13p6TeV:data23_13p6TeV.00450445.physics_CosmicCalo.merge.AOD.x731_m2165  | DIDType.DATASET |

Now let’s enter the name of a non-existing dataset such as:

rucio list-dids "data23_13p6TeV:data23_13p6TeV.00450445.physics_Main.merge.AOD.f1342_m21670"

The output indicates that no such dataset exists: