Access Check

Last update: 15 Oct 2019 [History] [Edit]

Before continuing to the Examples section please ensure that you can access all the tools and services described above. Access should work by default so please ask if you have any questions! To help identify any issues please go through the following checklist:

  • Access the GitLab Athena project
  • View a sample merge request
  • Contribute to one of the sandbox tutorial merge requests
    • Add a test comment in the discussion thread
    • Modify the status labels (available from the right hand menu in the merge request page)
  • Log into CERN Mattermost
    • Join the Merge Shifter channel
    • Announce your presence in the channel by writing a test message

If everything works as expected try the following to familiarise yourself with the various interfaces:

  • Display all the merge requests in the 21.0 branch that require user action filtered by the oldest updated
  • Find the list of commits to 21.0 branch containing DQM in the commit message and show the files changed in the most recent commit in the list
  • View the CI test result output on NICOS for a sample merge request
  • Access the same test result output through the Jenkins interface