Software Merge Review Shift Tutorial

Last update: 16 Sep 2020 [History] [Edit]

This tutorial provides an introduction to the ATLAS software merge review process and is aimed at anyone wishing to register as a merge review shifter. The tutorial is broken down into the following sections:

  • Background
    • The motivation for merge review shifts
  • Tools and Services
    • An overview of the tools and services used as part of the merge request process
  • Examples
    • A walk through the merge request process using real examples

The sections above are covered in occasional merge review tutorial sessions held at CERN. Supplementary material from the latest tutorial session (September 2020) is available on the indico page. If you were unable to attend these sessions you should still be able to follow the tutorial material in your own time.

Upon completing the tutorial you should have a basic understanding of the work you will be required to complete during your allocated shifts. You should also be familiar with the merge review process and the application of the associated tools and services used as part of a merge request. For a more detailed explanation of what is covered by theses shifts please read the Merge Request Review Shift Reference.

We would like this tutorial to be an continuing accurate reflection of the tasks conducted during Merge Review shifts and we encourage any feedback on the material shown on these page. Please feel free to contact the ATLAS git team if you have any suggestions on the documentation material. If you would like to contribute or modify the Tutorial documentation follow the contribution guide.

Alert This material is subject to significant changes as we gather experience with the new code review workflow. Please refer back to this tutorial and to the reference guide before taking shifts to keep track of any new developments and process changes.