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Domain Expertise

The role of a specific domain expert has been retired and as a merge review shifter you will be expected to review code across the entire release branch. However it is not expected that a shifter will have expertise covering the whole of the ATLAS offline software. The use of GitLab for the merge request process provides a forum for continual dialog between shifters, code authors, domain experts and release coordinators to discuss any code changes before they are merged into a particular release.

Coding Experience

There is a level of assumed knowledge in order for shifters to contribute to the review process effectively. As a review shifter you are expected to have the following background and skills:

  • Familiarity with C++
    • Core language features
    • STL
  • Coding experience within ATLAS
    • including the contribution to at least one piece of ATLAS software
  • Familiar with ATLAS coding conventions and guidelines
  • A working knowledge of Python is also desirable.

Shift Levels

The distinction between Level 1 and and Level 2 shifters is not strictly defined at present. Level 1 shifters are expected to provide at least basic checks on each merge request pass before passing to Level 2 shifters for further inspection. It is therefore expected that Level 2 shifters can fulfill the requirements expected for Level 1 checking and also provide a greater degree of scrutiny to any proposed code changes using their additional experience. Further details are provided in the review process contained in the review shift guide.

Provided you have the required coding experience outlined above it is left for you to determine the appropriate shift level based on your skills and hands-on experience with ATLAS software. Experienced Level 1 shifters will also be encouraged to progress to Level 2 shifts.

If you are have any further questions regarding suitability for these shifts please feel free to contact the ATLAS git team.