ATLAS Grid Guide

Last update: 25 Jun 2022 [History] [Edit]

ATLAS successfully uses a distributed computing infrastructure called the WLCG grid to support the physics program. The WLCG grid comprises more than 170 sites providing computing, disk and tape storage to the LHC experiments.

The scope of this guide is to offer information and example on the tools to interact with these computing and storage resources using ATLAS grid tools..

The tutorial will give examples on how to use the following services and clients

  • PanDA: (Production and Distributed Analysis) ATLAS workflow management system to submit, broker, monitor your tasks and jobs brokered to the grid
  • PanDA Clients: User clients to interact with PanDA.
  • rucio: ATLAS data management system to handle the data including the job outputs

This tutorial is not meant to replace the above documentation but to complement it.