Centralised N-tuple Production

Last update: 27 Feb 2024 [History] [Edit]

Welcome to the brief guide for submitting n-tuple production through the production system.

Alert NB: the system needs releases >24.2.18 and >21.2.264.

Ready for the next step? Proceed by creating a test analysis task: Create a test analysis task.


Analysers with group production roles (e.g. group.phys-exotics) create the gTag, the request, submit and manage (retry the jobs and change only some job parameters (e.g. #files-GB/jobs)) the production.

“N-tuple production managers/coordinators (Cristiano.Alpigiani@cern.ch ad interim) can manage stubborn tasks (“super user” production roles).


Feel free to provide feedback or suggestions on the system through this form: https://forms.gle/obigMSrSLbpWCG5d6.

For any questions or additional feedback, please reach out to Mikhail.Borodin@cern.ch and Cristiano.Alpigiani@cern.ch.