IDE Integrations: Setup

Last update: 20 Oct 2023 [History] [Edit]

The IDE integrations were made for VS Code, but they can also be used in other IDEs/tools if relevant. For this reason they always require .vscode to be present in the sparse checkout. You can add the folder using

git sparse-checkout add .vscode

Users that prefer full checkout do not have to modify their package_filters.txt file and include the folder there.

The ATLAS_ENABLE_IDE_HELPERS CMake flag is used to toggle IDE integrations on (they are disabled by default). If building a project other than WorkDir, CMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS should also be turned on. A minimal for the CMake command is


After building the code, several tools prefixed with ide_ will be present in the build directory. Additionally env.txt describing the Python environment and compile_commands.json describing C++ build rules are also available. More details about the integrations and how to use them are available in C++ & Debugging and Python sections of the guide.