Example Changes -- Additional Settings

Last update: 05 Jul 2023 [History] [Edit]

Many configuration options are defined in InDetJobProperties.py, which can be set via InDetFlags. Some of these will run additional things on top of the standard track reconstruction (and therefore provide additional outputs) - for example:


which will turn on the production of pixel-only tracklets in addition to the standard tracks.

Other options configure the settings used for the standard tracking - for example:


which allows the fitter for the final track fit to be changed (e.g. from the default GlobalChi2Fitter to a KalmanFitter) by changing the way that Tools are set up.

Try out some of these options to see what impact they have on the results in the log file and plots.

Note: Any of these options can be used in a job transform by setting (and locking if necessary) the relevant property in a preExec for the relevant step.