Example Changes -- Cut Level

Last update: 05 Jul 2023 [History] [Edit]

The track selection applied can be configured by selecting a pre-defined “cut level” as below:

InDetFlags.cutLevel.set_Value_and_Lock                             (15)

This flag should be commented out by default in the file, so uncomment it to set a new cut level. You can see the available CutLevels here

Note that:

i) Setting of individual cuts at reconstruction level through job options is generally not supported, to avoid unsupported configurations being used. ii) These are the cuts that are applied at reconstruction level (i.e. primarily during the ambiguity solving stage) and the selections used for analysis/monitoring/etc can be different, and are therefore in addition to these.

Try rerunning a few times with different values of the cut level and observe the effect it has on your output plots (remember to add the appropriate line to the config!) Observe here that generally higher levels are “stricter”. (Additionally, the order roughly corresponds to the timeline of improvements/optimizations in tracking over time)

For example, if we change the cut level down to a very loose one like (6), then comparing the monitoring plots for both we can see a very dramatic increase in the number of tracks.