Reco_tf Input and Output

Last update: 06 Jul 2021 [History] [Edit]

It may seem physically impossible for the command to have more arguments, but we do indeed still have to add more! What we have to do additionally for our output is to specify the input and output files, as well as other output information we want to have from our tracking reconstruction run. This also dictates which parts of the reco chain will run. You can define these like so:

Remember that if you do not want to save a specific output, there’s no need to specify here. Required intermediate files will automatically be run and produced as temporary files based on the last stage you define.

We will want to produce validation/monitoring plots as well, which are optional but we will need to really learn about tracking. These can be added like so:

And we’re all done! Now we know all about the arguments for reco_tf. Next we will run an example and make some example changes, similar to what was done in the standalone job option.