Registering with AMI

Last update: 06 Dec 2021 [History] [Edit]

This will confirm that your browser certificate is also installed and working correctly.

In order to be able to search for data and MC samples in AMI (as well as using its more advanced features), you need to register yourself. AMI itself will be covered later in the tutorial, but we will make sure that you are set-up now. Go to the ami page

Sign-in (top right corner) if you are not already signed in. Then in the pull down menu under your name (top right corner) click on ‘Account Status’. If you have a fancy picture that says “Your account is valid” then nothing further is required. If not, then you will need to create an account and /or upload a new certificate into AMI. Please follow the instructions provided on the screen, and let us know if you have any questions or problems.

For anybody experiencing problems in creating an account, or in logging in, please follow these steps:

Also please note that if you have a firewall on your laptop, it may prevent your certificate from being presented to ami. A symptom of this will be that once your certificate is installed on your laptop or on the browser, when you navigate to ami your browser does not ask for the certificate.