Modifying JOs

Last update: 19 May 2023 [History] [Edit]

As you can see in the output histograms, the JOs provided above contains two issues that need to be addressed.

  • According to the file name, the leptoquark mass should be 1000 GeV. Modify the JOs to reflect this.

The physics process currently being generated by the JOs is a pair of leptoquarks that decay into an electron, muon, up quark and charm quark. For our analysis, we want the final state to have two same-flavor leptons (either two electrons or two muons). A simple solution would be to create two JOs, one for each decay mode, which is discussed in more detail in the JobOption Filters section. For this tutorial, however, we want to produce a single sample that includes both decay modes.

  • Change the generate command to produce all combinations of two electrons and/or muons. You will need to change the quark decay products to be inclusive as well. You will need to define a new multi-particle representation of leptons to do this. Note that this will still include the e+mu channel, but this will be addressed in the next section.

Run the same command again as well as the derivation and validation steps to make sure that the correct signal is now being produced.