Fork the Main Repository

Last update: 22 Jan 2024 [History] [Edit]

The main ATLAS offline git repository we will use in the tutorial is Follow that link and then create your own copy of the repository by pressing the Fork button on the project’s front page.

Warning If you are presented with a number of group options when you start to fork, pick your personal account for this tutorial. There are some good uses for group forks in sub-domains to work on large developments, but we won’t cover that workflow in this tutorial. GitLab fork groups

Good It is recommended you select “Only the default branch main” to save some space.

That’s all there is to creating a fork!

You now have your own personal copy of the ATLAS offline code that you can modify as you like. You will also be unperturbed by other developers working on their forked copies.

Add your friendly build bot

Your development will be built and tested by an automated continuous integration system as you will see later. Results of these automatic builds are published on GitLab as small icons next to commit hashes. In order for this to work, the build bot needs to have access to your private fork. Therefore, please go to Project Information -> Members at the top of the left toolbar:

then click on Invite members:

and finally add ATLAS Robot (@atlasbot) as Developer to your project.